Principles for a Stronger, Greener, More Reliable Electric System

As policymakers confront historic challenges in the safety and governance of California’s electric system, the community choice community and our partners are committed to assisting in this effort. We have developed the following principles to guide California’s transition to a greener, safer, more affordable, and more accountable utility system:

  • Prioritize Safety and Reliability: Re-focus utilities and regulators on ensuring the state’s transmission and distribution infrastructure reaches the highest standards of safety and reliability;
  • Empower Local Action: Empower local governments to develop and expand their role in providing electricity services, while supporting a range of community clean power choices; 
  • Facilitate the Transition: Work collaboratively with policymakers and stakeholders to ensure customers maintain continued access to reliable, affordable, and clean energy throughout the transition.

We know these issues matter to you—our constituents, our ratepayers, our partners, and fellow stakeholders in our clean energy future—and we want to engage with you as this policy discussion develops. To stay connected as we move forward, please endorse the Principles and sign on to our action list through the link to the right.

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